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Wet dreams (ejaculating semen in your sleep) happen to about half of all teenage guys. This event is often the first sexual experience of a young guy.
The causes
Puberty causes the release of hormones into a young guy's bloodstream. When these hormones are at a level somewhere between child and adult, they can cause ejaculation of semen in his sleep and also, a stronger desire for physical contact with others!
What to do
Deal with the semen stains on your sheets and boxers. Know it is all normal and about half the teenage boys and some men experience these "nocturnal emissions" in their sleep. You now know the connection between what you see, the intimacy of another person's body and the sexual response to it all. Welcome to a normal man's sexual response - ready or not, you know something about it now!
The dream
The dream is nearly always strange and can often be gay. This doesn't mean the guy is gay! Guys worry lots about the dream because of the sexual detail involving other people. The dream means nothing except you will probably feel a little strange around the person you dreamed about! Note - the other person won't know you ejaculated semen when you dreamed about them!
No wet dream
The teenage boys who don't experience wet dreams are usually the ones who began masturbation before their body was ready to do the dreams. Masturbation usually stops or greatly reduces the number of wet dreams. Guys tend to outgrow wet dreams as the transition to masturbation becomes the normal way of sexual release. Some guys begin to regularly masturbate in order to try and stop wet dreams.
Dad advice
There doesn't seem to be anything you can do to deliberately bring on a wet dream or on the other hand to guarantee you won't have one - they just happen (even when sleeping over at friends!)
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