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Is anyone a virgin these days except that 40 year old guy?
Soul ties
When you have sex with another person, invisible but powerful connections are made mentally and spiritually between you and the other person (soul ties). The Bible says "the two become one". The original plan was for two virgins to marry, have sex and become completely wrapped in each other for the rest of their lives. Sex in this context can provide the greatest pleasure that a person can experience on earth!
Everyone has sex
Maybe in your group that appears to be the case, but there is a growing number of young people who are choosing to wait and get the best for their lives. Waiting is guaranteed to prevent pregnancy and disease and a lot of broken hearts!
Up until now, puberty has happened by itself and you are in a process of learning how to handle it all. Being a virgin is different. This is totally a choice you have to make about this really important aspect of your life. You have to live with the consequences - your friends don't have to!
Hand, Head, or Blow jobs. These methods of sex still produce those soul ties even though technically, virginity has not been lost. It is more when you cum that those soul ties are really burnt into your mind and forms those strong ties to the other person.
If you have more than one sex partner, your soul ties remain with all of the partners and you will never have that full sexual and emotional closeness you were designed for. Sexual looseness destroys your self esteem and your image of yourself - you feel used and you end up not liking yourself!
Condoms will go a long way to prevent pregnancy and disease transmission, but they don't stop the soul ties from forming.
Dad advice
The choice is: 1) suffer now with pleasure later for 50+ years or 2) pleasure now and suffer later for 50+ years. It is one of those extremely important life choices and it might be the first big one you have made. Steer your life wisely with the big picture in mind!
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