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Porn is everywhere. You can't totally escape it but you need to exercise control over it.
Why control it?
Porn works great with masturbation, but it is the big picture where the problem is. Porn creates unreal women that basically don't exist in real life. It also treats women merely as objects for mens' pleasure. Real sex is more about bringing completion to a relationship where you have already formed a strong attachment over time.
Am I ok?
There is nothing wrong with you if porn turns you on. It actually shows that everything is in place and ready for when you have a sexual relationship. That desire and sexual response to another person is actually the factor which will glue you to your lifelong sexual partner! You just need to manage that desire until then.
Porn will make permanent changes to the chemistry of the brain as your brain learns to cum to ink dots and pixels! These powerful paths in the brain are not easy to correct later.
The more you use porn, the less it works. To get the same sexual high, the porn needs to become more graphic and perverted and even that wears off after a while. At this point, a guy will need to cross over from fantasy into the real world and violate another person's boundaries in order to cum. This is bad news for everyone concerned and will only get worse for that guy.
Dad advice
This is a tough call for you - especially if your friends are into porn. If you don't get into it with them, then you will probably be labelled as 'gay'. If you have a dream of one day having your own wife and family, then porn addiction can get in the way of having that dream fulfilled. Make the tough decision for your dream and your big picture!
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