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Lots of guys have trouble coming to terms with masturbation in their lives.
Why masturbate?
Most guys masturbate to control the 'horny' feeling that builds up inside them over time. The 'horny' feeling is a result of physical changes caused by puberty and can only be reduced temporarily by ejaculating semen (cum). Plus it feels good too!
Feel guilty?
Most guys regularly get a real strong urge to masturbate and after they do it, many feel crap. This is mainly caused by a sudden change in hormone levels after ejaculation rather then the normal mental guilt most guys are familiar with. If you need to masturbate, better to do it before sleep so your body has time to re-adjust before facing the world again!
How many masturbate?
Almost all guys begin masturbation some time during their teen years. The regular release of semen continues (in some form) for the rest of their lives!
Can't stop?
Once masturbation begins in your life, you will have trouble quitting for any length of time - even if you really try to. Many try and then give up because the 'horny' feelings become too strong to resist. When really 'horny' it is difficult to focus and concentrate on anything except other peoples' bodies! Most have trouble even going to sleep if they are in this aroused state.
All guys know how masturbation needs imagination (fantasy). This association can also cause problems for a lot of guys (feeling bad about themselves). Good idea is to wait until horny and then only a little fantasy is required to cum. Bad idea is to bring masturbation on early with lust or porn. The more often you cum, the more fantasy is required and you feel worse afterwards. You will soon learn a healthy balance.
How often?
Most adult males are fully ready to go again after 2 or 3 days. Teenagers have no such predictability. Hormone levels are up and down and it is all new to your maturing body. If horny - there is only one way to get back to normal!
With other guys?
Masturbation with others might give a high, but it will also build up a powerful mental association that cum=penis*2! In the big picture, you will probably find you are locking yourself into a powerful relationship path that you don't realise is happening and then difficult to undo!
It is real common for guys to masturbate using porn. It works great, but there is a big price to pay in the 'big picture'. The porn needs to get stronger and more perverted the further you go because the effect is not as strong as it was in the beginning (law of diminishing returns). Guys who masturbate this way will often have problems with their partner when they get into a sexual relationship. Ink dots on paper and screen pixels have become more arousing than the real life naked woman in their arms! It is very difficult to undo it all and get back to a normal fully satisfying sexual relationship with the non-perfect real woman next to you.
Almost all references to masturbation in movies, school, some churches and real life are negative. Always associated with being a sinner or a loser who can't get any real sex and is probably gay! Every man alive has masturbated at some time and for a guy with no sex partner, it is his only way to control it all. It is embarrassing and normal!
Dad advice
Use Masturbation to control hormonal pressure, otherwise, when you are getting around horny all the time, your judgment is affected and you could make some bad decisions (thinking from between your legs and not from your brain). Even ugly girls can turn you on when you are super-horny!
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