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"Lust entices you with promises of feeling great with lasting pleasure. The reality is that it will leave you feeling miserable, wanting more and hating the consequences!"
Didn't ask for lust
Lust comes alive when puberty starts. Every guy quickly finds the connection between the glimpse of 'illegal' skin (lust) and the sexual rush that accompanies it.
Why is lust there?
Lust is the force that will join you to the woman you eventually marry "....may her (your wife's) breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love." Bible Proverbs 5:19. This is a powerful force inside you which must be controlled until the right time.
All guys get hornier over time and other people's bodies become more compelling - even ugly girls if you get horny enough! Guys need to keep the hormonal pressure under control by masturbating when needed. Lust will be more manageable then!
Every guy automatically has an album in his mind of people images who turned him on accidentally or deliberately. These images are fairly permanent and can be recalled any time for many years after. The lust feelings were also captured with the image.
The problem
All boys find they need to masturbate regularly because they get horny. Masturbation needs some sort of fantasy (lust) to cum. If a guy doesn't masturbate, the lust gets stronger and stronger because of the hormonal pressure inside him. Lust with masturbation can make a lot of guys feel real bad about themselves.
Wet dream
A wet dream (often the early natural way of young guy's body) has a sexual image leading up to orgasm and cumming.
Middle road
Delay masturbation as long as you can because the hornier you are - the less fantasy (lust) is required to cum and you will feel better about yourself after. Masturbate to the good feelings and use album images (from your mind) to finally cum! Logic here is to copy the sequence of a wet dream. Porn is not needed then!
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