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Boys Under Attack
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All guys will have a strong attraction to other guys at some stage during their teen years!
The reason
Each young guy needs to take on his own masculine identity. That identity can only be given by other older males. The strong interest in other males is linked with looking for confirmation and shaping of that masculine identity. If the affirmation is withheld, the young guy longs for that identity and it can manifest as homosexual attraction towards other guys!
Best advice is not to label yourself as gay while you are going through this stage - why lock yourself into a gay identity when for 97% of guys it will end up as an attraction to girls. This girl attraction happens when your need is met - when you know from older guys that you measure up as a man.
What to do
Spend time around your dad or other adult males (in a safe setting) so you can receive the answer which your mind is craving "you measure up as a man". Guys your own age can't bring you through in this area.
Guys have a need for same gender love and emotional attachment (friendship) with other males. This need is often thought to be a need or desire for same-gender sex. This new interpretation of a genuine need for love leaves many guys confused and hurting if they try and meet that need through sex with other guys.
Born gay
For some guys, something happened when they were a little boy and they never took on the early steps of a masculine identity. It feels like they were born gay because they have always felt different and alienated from other males. Guys in this situation are in a lot of pain. Exodus Youth can help guys to resume their journey into their masculine identity.
Dad advice
You probably feel like running from other males or alternatively, getting involved sexually. The idea is to rub shoulders with other guys and adult males so you can get that masculine identity finalized and move on.
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